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After Darkness Falls By May Sage is Free!

They’ve exterminated an entire bloodline, purging the world of the only creatures vampires dread. Or so they think.
Chloe used to study hard, do everything right to pave a bright future, but children sometimes have to pay for their parents’ sins, and Chloe’s tab is pretty steep.

At twenty-six, when a series of attacks forces her to seek refuge in the notorious Institute of Paranormal Studies, Chloe sees it as a second chance to achieve her goals. She believes she has nothing to lose.
She couldn’t be more mistaken.

Levi has had centuries to observe the mortals and immortals of this world. He knows what the sassy woman who entered his domain is at first glance. A relic of the old days, so ancient that even an elder lord descended from the first immortals has reason to fear her.

He should slit her throat while he has the chance. He should.

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NTZLX2N
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NTZLX2N
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07NTZLX2N
Oz: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07NTZLX2N

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Pre-Order Midnight Whispers





When chaos consumes, and worlds collide, all that’s left in the night are whispers.

Delve into the darkness.

Experience total mayhem.

Explore bounds that test the limits of reality.

The authors of this set bring you twenty-two supernatural adventures.
With stories that stretch the veils of belief, you’re destined to get lost between the pages.

These twisted and magically wicked tales will satisfy your craving for paranormal romances and urban fantasy stories of all steam levels.

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS is a limited edition collection you don’t want to miss. Each book is exclusive and can not be found anywhere else. Grab this ultimate bundle for 99 cents before it’s gone forever!

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Feral Doll is being updated

Feral Doll is being reedited. To be notified when its rereleased subscribe below and i’ll keep you posted.

Justice Labelle learns that the government has more secrets than kids have candy, and they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt. In this war of monster vs men, Justice is fed up and wants nothing more but to focus on her studies but that isn’t going to happen.

After her run in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed; black and bloody blue, Justice decides to take control of the twisted hand that was dealt. It surely doesn’t help that Calvin is hell-bent on protecting Justice, even if that means working with Dante. Both men will do anything to keep her out of harm’s way, but protection is the last thing that Justice Labelle wants. The government experiment still needs to be dealt with, her escalating feelings toward Dante are persistent, refusing to be ignored and more secrets about her past are slowly coming to light.

Her world is no longer the same, or safe, and now there is no turning back. Survival burns through her veins, especially since Justice now has superhuman powers, all thanks to her being a Vampyre Doll and you know what? Justice Labelle has come up with her own master plan and heaven help the Vampyre, monster or human that gets in her way!

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Leave a review and support Mikayla Symonett

I love writing books, and if you like my books, the best way for you to show your support is to write a review.

This may sound like a lot of pressure, but honestly, I don’t require a 4 – 5-star ratings. Whether you purchase a book or received a free copy, I would greatly appreciate if you left even a sentence. Yes, that’s right. It can be just a few words. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed.

In fact, if you don’t even have to love my book to leave a review. Don’t feel bad if you find the book, just okay. Everyone is different and some of my favorite authors it’s a hit and miss. I get it, I’m a reader.

The more reviews the more visibility my books get. The more reviews help me to understand if I should continue a series.

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✯ #CoverReveal #PreOrder ✯ Once Upon A Temptation

Authors: Ariel Marie, ML Preston, Theresa Hodge, Lanie Olson, SD Savore, JS Bright, Mercer Norris, Erin St. Charles, Nikki Clarke, Selene Drake, Sedona Venez, R. O’Leary, Harper Ash, and Mikayla Symonett
Cover Designer: Design by Definition Covers
Release Date: August 11, 2020
Genre: Twisted Fairy Tales Collection
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51868182-once-upon-a-temptation


Once Upon a Temptation is a collection of twisted fairy tales that will blow your mind. Forget the version of these tales you knew before, and dive into the dark, mysterious worlds these authors have crafted.
With shapeshifters to witches, to princesses and mermaids, this compilation will have something for everyone ranging from sweet to steamy, to dark and thrilling.

These enchanting tales will quench your need for fantasies of your favorite kind.

These stories are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Please don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

PreOrder (Kindle Unlimited):

Universal Link: https://geni.us/OUAT
Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0859DFN22/
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0859DFN22
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0859DFN22/
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0859DFN22/

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The Bishop, standalone novella by Skye Warren is available now! #amazingreads #swoonworthy #sexybookboyfriends

The Bishop, an all-new, not-to-be-missed standalone novella

in The Tanglewood Series by Skye Warren is available now!

Download your copy today!

Amazon Worldwide
Amazon Paperback

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Skye Warren comes the next installment in her Tanglewood series.

A million-dollar chess piece goes missing hours before the auction.

Anders Sorenson will do anything to get it back. His family name and fortune rests on finding two inches of medieval ivory. Instead, he finds an injured woman with terrible secrets.

He isn’t letting her go until she helps him find the piece. But there’s more at stake in this strategic game of lust and danger. When she confesses everything, he might lose more than his future. He might lose his heart.


**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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North Security Trilogy By Skye Warren Is Out Now!

“Swoon-worthy, forbidden, and sexy, Liam North is my new obsession.” – Claire Contreras, New York Times bestselling author

All three bestselling novels in the North Security Trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren are now available in one scorching boxed set!

Download your copy today!

Amazon Worldwide | Apple Books | Kobo | Nook | Google Play


ALL THREE bestselling books in the complete North Security trilogy! Forbidden romance, breathtaking suspense, and scorching heat will leave you gasping…


Liam North got custody of the violin prodigy six years ago. She’s all grown up now, but he still treats her like a child. No matter how much he wants her.

“Heartbreaking and intimate… Skye Warren delivers a masterful and poetic portrayal of forbidden love and impossible choices.” – Jewel E. Ann, author of WHEN LIFE HAPPENED

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Her Debt, His Forgiveness: Audition By Skye Warren


Audition - BT banner.jpg

She doesn’t surrender to his kiss.
He doesn’t back down from a challenge.
It’s going to be a sensual fight … to the death.

Audition, a sexy and enthralling new standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren and USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde, is available now!


Blood and sweat. Bethany Lewis danced her way out of poverty. She’s a world class athlete… with a debt to pay.

Joshua North always gets what he wants. And the mercenary wants Bethany in his bed. He wants her beautiful little body bent to his will.

She doesn’t surrender to his kiss.
He doesn’t back down from a challenge.
It’s going to be a sensual fight … to the death.

Audition - AN

Read today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZmM1XM
AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2KPTpqL
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/AuditionSW
Nook: http://bit.ly/2U22Nuk
Kobo: http://bit.ly/31PyidI
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2YuiNHu

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2Zmbkx4


I open the door, expecting to see a couple of rough-hewn bastards fighting or training. They might even take a swing at me. We’re all a bunch of army bastards, more comfortable using our fists than our words.

Instead I’m struck by the sight of a body in motion, but not in violence.

She’s dancing. Grace. Strength. And completely inappropriate to this place—desire. It’s nothing so base as tits and ass, though I’m sure hers are lovely. No, it’s the sweep of her calf and the indent at her waist. The lift of her chin.

I could not be more shocked if I had been punched. Or shot.

It feels a little bit like being dunked in lava, watching her dance. I’m immobile in the doorframe of the warehouse. My sanity is one step behind me, utterly gone. I’m seeing visions. She can’t be real. I don’t even want her to be real. This kind of beauty doesn’t belong in the goddamn gutter. A pale pink leotard against the dinge-dark hollow. Satin ballet shoes pushing into the dirt. Slowly, very slowly, my sluggish mind searches the perimeter. Alone. We’re alone. If anyone had wanted to shoot me, they’d have had plenty of time. An eternity while I’d been staring.

Her spin slows, like a top that’s run out of momentum. Dark eyes meet mine. Surprise. A flash of something else—anger. She drops to flat feet. No longer a goddess, a blur. She becomes a woman. “No,” she says. Then again, “No,” with such force I glance behind me in case someone’s charging at her wielding a knife. The shipyard is empty. It’s only my company she’s objecting to.

Well, you can’t fault her for taste.

“Normally I have to say something for women to hate me,” I say, strolling into the warehouse, pretending my heart doesn’t thud at the sight of her lithe body. Pretending my cock isn’t a breath away from rock-hard. “I have to say something about their tits or their ass.”

Her eyes narrow, but she doesn’t seem particularly shocked by my crude language. No, she wouldn’t be. Not in this place. She would have heard much worse. “I told him no more guards.”

“You told who?”

“Who else?” she says. “Your boss.”

My boss? I work for the US government. My job is to drive around godforsaken deserts and pray I don’t get blown up by a bomb buried underground. If I play my cards right, I might move into special operations. That’s what was implied before I went on leave. Go along with what Caleb Lewis offers. Collect information. Report back.

It’s a chance to be somewhere other than the bottom rung. Maybe the only chance I’ll ever get. Which means I have no business being interested in this girl. She probably isn’t even eighteen. “My boss,” I repeat, my voice flat.

“Isn’t that why you’re here? To guard me?”

“Why don’t we do this—you dance again. I’ll stand here, but if anyone attacks you, I’ll just let them have at it. No bodyguards for you.”

She’s not amused. “The guards aren’t there to protect me. You’re here to keep me in the warehouse or keep me at home. Make sure I don’t wander away. Make sure I don’t talk to anyone.”

“You’re talking to me.”

“You tell Caleb we had a deal. And it doesn’t include some—” Her narrowed gaze sweeps down my body, as if she’s only now noticed that I have a body. “Some overmuscled asshole on steroids.”

I put my hand over my chest. “Direct hit. I’m wounded you think I’d resort to steroids. These muscles were earned the old-fashioned way, thank you very much.”

She snorts, which somehow sounds feminine and delicate. “I’m sure you do much worse things than steroids. And there is no way, absolutely no way, that you’re going to be my new guard, so tell Caleb he can forget it.”

“Would it put your mind at ease to know he didn’t send me?” Though I’m curious how he’s connected to her. We enlisted at the same time. Went through basic at the same time. We’ve never been close, really. When we both had leave, I was surprised he offered for me to hang out with him in New Orleans. I accepted because I have nowhere else to go. At the time I had no idea that I’d be approached by some special department to gather intel for them. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out Caleb’s into some bad shit.

“Right,” she says, unconvinced. “So you’re standing in the one warehouse that doesn’t contain anything illegal because…?”

“Total coincidence. I was looking for the illegal stuff.” Which means I have no business staying to chat with this woman, no matter how compelling she looks with that notch between her eyebrows. She looks goddamn fierce. “Honestly.”

A roll of her eyes. “Tell my brother he doesn’t need to waste time and energy watching me. I’m staying out of trouble.”

Her brother. Jesus. If she’s Caleb Lewis’s sister, then she’s not staying in trouble. It won’t be a clean shot that brings him down. It’ll be a grenade launcher that hits him—metaphorically speaking. Or literally speaking. Everyone in his vicinity will end up in jail or dead. That’s inevitable.

And she’s right here.

About Skye Warren

skye warren headshot

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance such as the Endgame trilogy. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

Connect with Skye

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2DEpMn9
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Website: http://www.skyewarren.com

About Amelia

Amelia Wilde wrote her first story when she was six years old, a narrative strongly inspired by The Polar Express. When she was nine she wrote her first novel-length work, all in one paragraph.

Now, Amelia is all about that love. Her romances feature unique, independent heroines and alpha heroes who are strong of heart and body. Readers have described her work as “emotional,” “intense,” “phenomenal,” and “like a child scribbled with a crayon,” which she takes as the highest praise.

Connect with Amelia

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2OKhwc7
Twitter: http://bit.ly/2PmmbjR
Instagram: http://bit.ly/382th5g
Pinterest: http://bit.ly/35W4ez4
Join Amelia’s reader group: http://bit.ly/37WnfmV
Stay up to date with Amelia by joining her mailing list: http://bit.ly/2RmKkZQ
Website: https://awilderomance.com

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✮ ✮ ✮ FREEBIE ALERT! ✮ ✮ ✮

“A seductive and utterly addicting story of temptation and forbidden desire.” – Sarah Castille, New York Times bestselling author

Overture, the first in the sexy and forbidden North Security Series from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren is FREE for a limited time only!

Don’t miss this steal! Download your copy today!

AmazonAppleBooks Amazon Worldwide Nook

 KoboGoogle PlayAmazon Paperback


The world knows Samantha Brooks as the violin prodigy. She guards her secret truth—the desire she harbors for her guardian.

Liam North got custody of her six years ago. She’s all grown up now, but he still treats her like a child. No matter how much he wants her.

No matter how bad he aches for one taste.

Her sweet overtures break down the ex-soldier’s defenses, but there’s more at stake than her body. Every touch, every kiss, every night. The closer she gets, the more exposed his darkest secret.

She’s one step away from finding out what happened the night she lost her family. One step away from leaving him forever.

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Shelique Lize, is now writing as Mikayla Symonett!

USA Today best-selling author Shelique Lize is now writing her books as Mikayla Symonett. Why the change? Over the last few years, I’ve been going through rough situations with my husband and it simply never got better. It only worsened to the point, I kind of stopped focusing on writing and withdrew from everyone and everything.

Now, we’ve split for the better and I feel like I can actually breathe. I needed a fresh start, especially since my author name: Shelique Lize, was his last name and I wanted to amend that. I have a new author name and exciting things planned for my new path heading into 2020.

I switched over my social media accounts to match my new author name, and my cover designer was so wonderful to go ahead and switch over all my covers as well. Now, my goal for 2020 is to reinstate my USA Today Bestselling title to Mikayla Symonett.

I can’t wait to see what will unfold and hopefully, you’ll follow me on my journey.

If you haven’t already, follow me below:

  1. Facebook
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  4. Sign up for my mailing list
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Thank you for reading, take care!

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Concerto by Skye Warren

The 2nd installment is steamy.

Samantha has been on tour for a few months and trying to adjust without Liam constantly by her side and telling her what to say, or do. Living a life without a helicopter guardian is both refreshing and stressing. She can’t stop wanting or thinking about him as she learns to adapt outside of the compound. The lines between father and lover are blurry and it doesn’t help that he shows up randomly and disrupts her so-called freedom but threats are on the horizon.

New information comes to light, and the tour could very well be the end of Samantha.

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Overture by Skye Warren

Skye Warren is my go-to author and this book was amazing. Her words are flawless, beautiful and poetic. For me, I thought it was just a tad bit slow but then again I’m an impatient reader. I want sh*t to explode right away. Overture is a slow burn novel and two-point of views.

Liam’s a military man, and he took in the young Samantha after her father was murdered. He had no connections to the child but he’s now her legal guardian. And over the years, Samantha has grown into a woman who he’d love to drag into his cave and F*ck.

With her eighteenth birthday on the horizon and a World Tour to help establish Samantha in the musical world, Liam tries hard to deny his evident lust. It sure doesn’t help that Samantha is hell-bent on making Liam see her for the woman that she is.

On to Concerto!

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The Knight by Skye Warren

My brain is scattered in a million, emotional pieces.

Holy f*ck buckets, is all I am able to process at the moment, and I don’t even know where on earth am I to begin with such an ultra-epic follow up to The Pawn. The Pawn was beautifully mastered, in such a mind blowing jaw-dropping, exceptional read and The knight, if it was possible surpassed it. The Knight was everything and then some.

The Knight was an awesome follow-up and started right where The Pawn crippled the readers. Avery is living in a motel and is trying to figure out her next move. Trying to figure out her life, her house, and her father. Everything around this poor girl has fallen apart at her feet and she has not the slightest clue on how to fix anything. Her life is depressing. The level Avery had to drop down to were damn near shameful. Everything she had been through eats away at her soul and brings forth a darkness, that has blinded her from the hope and safety, that shines as bright and blinding as the sun. It doesn’t help that the man she blames for her father’s downfall is crass, manipulative, likes to see her squirming both sexually and when she’s suffering, is like an eclipse in her world. All Avery desperately needs is any security in any shape or form.

Gabriel Miller is one complicated devil, or so it would seem, because this devil has a heart. It’s hidden behind layers and layers of impenetrable walls, but it’s there and beating strong. Despite Avery’s downfall, she’s a fighter and the more she fights and demands the more secrets are revealed. Secrets that threaten everything she has ever known, and despite Gabriel’s warnings, Avery keeps bulldozing for answers.

Every move draws Avery closer to Gabriel. Every move draws out her family’s secret. Every move seems to place her further into a game she has yet to figure out, but one thing she is now certain of, both Gabriel and Avery have lost the game of Chess against each other. They now have another game to play, a game not against each other but they are now forced to battle against an enemy, that threatens more than a cruel game of who can break first. Lives are now at stake.

EK! I can’t wait for the next installment!!!

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Ares by Felicity Heaton

I have never read a God book before. Nothing about Greek Gods, or anything close. This was my first and I loved it. Ares, Yes!!! He was a man after my heart, he was dark, sexy, brooding and I wanted to devour him. Ares and his brothers are all assigned a door to protect, all around the world. Ares is assigned the New York door and he protects it against Demons that want to enter from the human world.

In the beginning of the book, there is one particular Demon that gives Ares a hard time. The Demon steals Ares’s fire and during this same fight, our innocent heroine Megan is dragged into this battle. She ends up saving Ares, and gets further pulled into the chaotic world of Gods.

One thing that I love about Felicity’s books is that they are so fleshed out. Everything is covered, and she leaves no rock unturned.

As I digress, Ares and Megan have an instant attraction. Ares without his fire has mixed feelings about his missing powers. On one hand, his power is all he knows. It’s like if you were suddenly missing a limb. Ares knows that it just doesn’t feel right, but there’s another part of him that feels relieved. In the human world, his fire powers manifest based on his emotions. In the Underworld, his powers aren’t as intense to manifest based on his emotions. In the underworld, he has more control over his fire abilities.

Now, his fire abilities have been stolen and although Ares knows that he needs to get it back, his brothers urge him that he needs to get his abilities back; Ares can’t help feeling excited that he can actually touch someone without burning them. Yes, it’s been centuries since he has been able to touch ANYONE. Not even his own brother’s who are God’s just like him. Which also means, a women’s touch he hasn’t experienced in centuries and guess what, Megan just happens to be in his house.

I really enjoyed this book. However, there wasn’t much dialogue between the characters. You knew what Ares was thinking and Megan, because half of the book was inner dialogue and thoughts. I didn’t mind the sex scenes and it wasn’t overdone. Keep in mind, Ares hadn’t had a woman in centuries. From his perspective, indulging in sex whenever he gets the chance with a woman who just happens to be tangled in his world, why not.

As the story progresses, the world is revealed, giving the readers more insight into what is going on. You aren’t left in the dark, and you meet all of the brothers. They were all interesting Gods, and you can tell an awesome series is on the horizon.

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Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity by A. Aimee

I have such a love hate relationship with Good Pussy Bad Pussy and when I saw that A. Aimee was putting out a 2nd copy to this series, I was once again intrigued and I couldn’t resist. I’m really trying to collect my thoughts on this book because there are so many.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy In Captivity, is a different kind of book all in its own category. Its not the kind of book for the faint of heart, and there are scenes in this book, very bad situations that Rachel has fallen into and they are hard to read to through.

This book was a roller coaster ride. It starts you off with some bad news about Albert and from there your heading down a very steep drop. I liked how A. Aimee wrote the sex scenes in this book. It wasn’t just sex and don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of sex, but Rachel’s relationship with Albert and Stefan you felt the love between the three characters. Even though you were reading the sex scenes, it was more like you were reading about how much Albert and Rachel loved each other, or Stefan and Rachel. Does that make sense? I hope it does, lol.

In fact, I hadn’t realized how much I missed Stefan and Rachel being together. They are scenes where you can feel the heavy emotions, feel their love, pain and hurt. You can feel the unspoken regret. I mean, at the end of the day they had, still had love and how can there not be any regrets between them? When Rachel was happy and surprised to see Stefan, I was excited for her.

Rachel, oh Rachel… I hated a lot of decisions in Good Pussy Bad Pussy, and I still hated her decisions in Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity. She’s a frustrating character and I wanted to grab her and slap some senses into her. I couldn’t understand her mind, I’ve tried but still I found her really childish. I don’t know if its childish, maybe gullible or annoyingly naive. Ugh. I don’t know but Rachel is one really irritating character.

This book is darker and it is still a page turner. I wanted to know what would happen to Rachel, despite my feelings for the character. Rachel is a strong character and she will survive. She’s made it this far so it was more, how will everything unfold.

During this read, I felt as though Rachel wasn’t really dealing with everything in a normal way. A person in real life who has been through hell and back, like Rachel has been, would have issues. Especially with her sexuality and trying to figure out her pussy. Like the title says, Good Pussy Bad Pussy. What is a good pussy and bad pussy, and how does one understand it? Where are the limits?

I was very impressed with Rachel’s confession and questions at the Buddhist monastery with Anton, I was really proud of her. It made her seem more normal/human to me.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy In Captivity was a very nice read and I look forward to reading more books by A. Aimee.

  • I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.
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Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster

First, I will begin to state that going into this book, I thought it would have been something COMPLETELY different. Like, a regular dark romance. Even reading the author’s warning at the beginning of the book had me a little worried and I still thought, okay, it may be more crass, than other dark romances. I wasn’t clueing in. I didn’t read any reviews previously, so I went in blindly like the author suggested.

Secondly, this book is not for the faint of heart. The pages are filled with none stop trigger’s and if you’re sensitive, move on.

My God, this book, Yeo and Kady, I don’t know if there are words. I am seriously having a hard time to find a way to summarize my review, without giving away too much. On a quick note, I couldn’t but this book down.

As I digress, Kady had a horrible life. A life that no one should have to endure, and you can just tell how broken our main girl is. You can see how life has rendered her fragile, timid and utterly broken. So broken and sad, and you can’t help but want to reach out and hold her. The writing is very vivid and it’s pretty easy to picture everything like you were watching a movie.

From the beginning, you understand how Kady lives. She doesn’t have much and tries to get by as best as possible. She teaches kids in the neighborhood how to play the piano, and while reading Whispers And The Roars, there’s something whispering in the back of your head. You hear the whispers, you hear them loud and clear, letting you know that something isn’t right. Kady is off, and you’re just waiting for that ‘something’ to happen, to prove those faint words, those faint whispers true.

Throughout the read, Kady will tell you certain things. Nothing too revealing and certain situations may jump out at you, and even Yeo will say certain things to have your brain reeling and trying to really figure out our main girl.

In the beginning of the book and somewhere about 50% of the read, you think you know. You think okay, I’m understanding Kady and Yeo. I know certain situations for me, were like an ‘okay, sure’ moment. I wasn’t sure how I felt when certain things happened, I was trying to make it, make sense in my head. Trying to understand Yeo and Kady, but then the authors tosses a serious curve ball and the book changes.

Trust me, what you think you know up until that 50% point, changes drastically.

After the changing point in the novel, I was emotionally gutted. I was in tears reading what Kady did to protect herself. To shield herself from her father. It broke my heart into a million pieces.

There were a lot of flashbacks that helped you to understand Kady and Yeo. They helped the reader to understand Yeo’s and Kady’s never dying love for each other. Those flashbacks warmed my heart and saddened me at the same time. Their love was so unique and pure, and you couldn’t help but to love them together. You could feel how much they both needed each other. Yes, Kady was the one with the many problems and she couldn’t survive without Yeo. You could honestly feel her emotions bleeding into your soul when it came to Yeo. He was her everything. Her all and it damn near killed her when she sent him away 12 years ago. Kady believed that she was toxic and in all honesty, she is, or can be.

Here’s a perfect quote from the book, it describes our main girl to the tee.

“You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love.”

Yeo, OMG. He needed Kady just as much as she needed him. What a man to take on such a beautiful broken girl. Against his better judgment, Yeo heeds Kady’s plea’s 12 years previous and goes away to university. Now into the present, Yeo graduated and he’s a doctor and wants to settle down with his lady. Yeo, is one hell of a man. 12 frickn’ years! Granted, he didn’t stay away completely, he still came around to check in on her, but Kady had her friends to distract Yeo while she hid from him. From her overwhelming emotions. Yeo had been her first love since they were kids, and so although she sent him away, she couldn’t deal properly.

Honestly, reading this book, my brain was hurting with, and for Kady. She’s so much. So overwhelming with emotions. Highs and lows. You just never knew what mood she was going to be in. It made me anxious reading, not knowing what would set her off in this scene, or that. It could be the simplest of things, and she’s gone in her mind.

“Kady. Kady. Kady.”

“He’s calling for me, but i’m drowning. His whispers are drowned out by the goddamned roars.”

He roars, “KADY! KADY! KADY!”

His deep voice rumbles right through me and cuts through the haze of my mind as if he’s wielding a knife.

The ‘Kady. Kady. Kady’ parts of the story felt really eerie to me and I don’t know why.

Anywho, this book was written exceptionally well and you should read it. I tried to say everything without saying too much. READ THIS BOOK!

*I was given a complimentary copy

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The Affair by J.C. Valentine

This book was a short, hot and sweet read all in one.

Jasmine our main girl is at a bar, and she expresses that her husband and her, are having problems in their marriage. She’s at a bar seeking something new and exciting and just wants to experience some kind of burning desire, so she can return back to her husband a new woman.

Soon, a man comes into the bar and Jasmine sets her sights on the handsome stranger and I don’t want to say anything more without giving away the plot, but this novella has much going on in the few pages. The author had honestly put a smile on my face by the end of this book. Warm fuzzies.

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Trying Sophie by Rebecca Norinne

Trying Sophie was a fun, emotionally charged read.

Declan and Sophie had known each other briefly when they were younger. Declan made sure to make Sophie’s life a living hell while she was in Ireland and although years have passed, Sophie has never forgotten that boy who made her childhood the worst.

Years later, Declan is a famous Rugby star and Sophie travels the world and has a popular blog. Both of them have their own career’s and their own fame and fortune. Both of them have their own perfect little lives, but little do they know what life has in-store.

Sophie returns back to Ireland to help her grandparents and guess who’s picking her up at the airport? Declan. Declan and all of his sexiness, which Sophie tries her hardest to ignore and bury deep down. But that ain’t happening with egotistically Rugby player. The sweet guy with the charming smile, down to earth personality despite his fame, knows what he wants and he will not stop until Sophie is his.

Trying Sophie was all kinds of sweetness. This book had a little bit of everything; family, friends and of course love. All sorts of drama pooled in from all sides, but not for no reason. Feelings got hurt, miscommunication and trusting issues were the least of what these characters went through, and came out stronger. It was a realistic captivating read.

I received a complimentary ARC. I chose to write a review based on my own opinion.

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The Pawn By Skye Warren

Reaching the ending of the book, my fingers gripped my e-reader so tight, I thought it was going to crack. I couldn’t believe I had gotten to Ms. Warren’s ending blurb, while my heart was free falling and trying to make sense of what had just happened between Gabriel and Avery.

Oh my GWAD!

To say this took my emotional stability and F*cked me right up, would be an understatement. Like, standing ovation to an awesome author. I love this woman.

Oh my, The Pawn was a brilliant, beautiful read that was so much more complex than just two people falling in love, through whatever circumstances. And that’s the thing, I assumed this book would be like another one of ‘those’ reads. Dark brooding alpha male. Heroine gets trapped in alpah’s web and then a hop, skip and jump later someone’s heart is on display. At the end of the day, I knew I was going to like this book on some level or another because I mean come on, it’s Skye, but I didn’t expect this book.

In the beginning, Avery’s father is throwing her an extravagant high school graduation party, inviting everyone in their rich society. The next chapter, a year or so has passed and Avery’s family has hit rock bottom. Avery’s father had been a dirty and dishonest business man, and those who had suffered by his cheating hands took their revenge on him in court and physically.

Everything was taken from Avery and her father, leaving them broke and her father unable to even bath, let alone feed himself. Bills are coming from everywhere, draining their accounts, to the point she has to sell everything in her house to attempt to keep up with the bill payments. Or let alone pay for her father’s health care. Avery has hit rock bottom with her father barely conscious and everyone leaving her side, including her boyfriend.

Who can she turn to? No one will help. Everyone she and her father thought were friends all bailed on them, the moment things got tough.

Seeing only one way out of the financial despair, Avery goes to the only loan shark in town that will have the substantial funds to keep her afloat. There she meets Gabriel Miller. A powerful man that her father had screwed over, and he made sure to make an example out of him. Which ultimately led to their accounts being bled dry.

Gabriel Miller was responsible for Avery’s father losing everything. He was responsible for Avery not being to afford her lavish lifestyle. And, most importantly, he was responsible for Avery having to bargain the only thing of worth that she had left- Her virginity.

The pawn was raw, undeniably sexy and heart-wrenchingly enticing. It was hard for me to break away from this book, to tend to my daily responsibilities. Gabriel was a man of mystery and still is, especially after what Avery’s father did to him, his actions have you thinking and guessing. He’s being nice, but why? Avery is the daughter of the man who screwed him over, so why the pleasantries? Why the little actions, to play with the heart-strings? Why the small gestures of sympathy? He teased hope in front of Avery, showed her pieces of himself that made her believe. Is he that much of a monster?

“You need to keep your defenses up with someone like me. That means staying sober, for starters. Sleeping with a knife under your pillow won’t hurt.”

That was Gabriel’s warning to Avery. To let her know where she should stand, but then his actions show the complete opposite in the next few pages. Orchestrating her walls to decline. Was this all part of the game he was playing? Not only going after her Vcard but also something more dangerous, just to humiliate her and watch her fall even harder. Is he that much of a cold bastard? Is messing with Avery’s mind, body and soul his ultimate revenge?

There were parts in The Pawn, I literally felt Avery’s fear of the unknown, of the darkness that is Gabriel Miller. They seeped into my blood, and ran cold just like hers. Tears stung my eyes, feeling Avery’s anxious nerves, and I am no way a virgin, but Ms. Warren’s writing was beautifully crafted in such a way that had collided with that innocent part of myself. Every intense and intimate scene between Avery and Gabriel cut deep into my soul.

“I’m not a monster, despite what you think. I could have had you. Could have forced your hand even then. But I wanted you to come to me.”

And then Gabriel says stuff like this, and you don’t know what to think. Yet the one question remains, what does Gabriel Miller want from Avery. There is an unspoken overcast between the two of them, more so from Gabriel, but you don’t get those answers. Especially not in this book, which had me tapping away in serious denial, upon reaching the end.

The Pawn, what a suited name for this book and characters.


Impatiently waiting for the next installment.

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Why I love Vampires


No, seriously though, Why I Love vampires? Why the paranormal? Why did I choose to write about vampires vampyres over all other creatures that go bump in the night?

Vampyres, My, Oh My!

There are so many books and movies, covering all kinds of mythologies surrounding these immortal creatures. I love them. I absolutely adored them from the moment I first watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my mom. Most importantly I love all the different ideas surrounding them. I love how you can brand this species in any way an author see’s fit. It all excites and interests me, and I don’t bash any particular idea, to what one person may feel a vampyre should be like. Every author, every book has it’s own ideas to the fictional characters. I can’t hate and nor will I ever.

I love how almost every vampyre movie or book I’ve read, vampyre’s seem to radiate confidence. I mean come on, who wouldn’t envy someone with that unyielding level of awesome. It’s almost blinding, and on a human level, wouldn’t you admire someone who is sure of themselves in every way? Sure, if it was in your face ‘Im better than you‘, that most vampyre’s in Hollywood tend to have, then maybe not. But nope, that is not what I’m talking. For example, Elijah from the TV show, The Originals. Yes, another vampire show. Elijah dresses sharp, speaks well, knows what he wants and goes after it. His entire persona is unapologetic and he doesn’t come across as inexperienced. He speaks his mind whether you want to hear it or not. I love him to pieces.

Their teeth, they fascinate me. The idea behind a ‘person’ that looks drop dead gorgeous but can ultimately reveal they’re true nature and ravage you in the next second, and I’m not talking sexually- Is very interesting, to at least me. Think of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, those vampires looked normal. Then in the next second, the fangs pop out and they look like demons. I was reading an article that the producer of the show said that he didn’t want Buffy going around and killing vampires that looked like humans. He was afraid that at the time, it would have been sending the wrong message. He wanted to show a difference, hence why the faces are so screwed up.

Vampire diaries, their eyes go all black and veins all down their cheeks etc. True Blood vampires, just have their fangs closer than the norm. I always found that really odd. Anne’s rice vampires I don’t believe change that much. ( I can be wrong and don’t remember.) Felicity Heaton’s vampire’s, I can’t recall any major difference. Anywho, back to my main point, I think the fact that they can look handsome/sexy and then the next second, the fangs pop out and then fear strikes within the human, that’s like the ultimate wicked predator. Not only is the action itself bad (A vampyre sinking their sharp fangs into your flesh) give or take the situation, forced or consent provided but you can see the physical changes. To see not only the person you admired but be forced to see the monster they truly are. On a sadistic note, I guess it is no different in real life when you meet someone, and they seem normal, but then before you know it, your judgment was off and you’re now on TV on a missing person report. God forbid. That’s a whole other conversation with the resemblance on vampyre’s, and humanities dark side.

“Because it’s the one reason, the most important, for how they’ve survived this long. It’s their biggest weapon to fool mankind into believing that their existence is only fictional. It’s nature’s jaguar fading into the foliage, a Peringuey’s viper sliding through sand, and a vampyre who can retract his or her fangs can be seen as normal― as a human.”

That quote was taken from my novel Vampyre Doll. In this scene, I have Jessica Vacel(A vampyre hunter), explaining to my heroine about vampyres. My vampyre’s, their fangs are retractable, and eyes go black. If they are hungry or angered, one may notice the swirls of black misting into their colored pupils. It’s a distinct change, especially since my vampyre’s have very bright colored eyes. If it’s green, its a vibrant green. If it’s blue, it’s vibrant eerie ‘blue’ and it most definitely stands out.

“Woman, you and I may look like we have the same facial and physical features, but our core is different.” Shifting in his seat, Dante reached across the car. “Supple lips are the same to savor,” His fingers grazed my cheeks and the pad of his thumb caressed my bottom lip, hooded eyes admiring. “Your eyes, neck, and shoulders are the same. Arms, body, and legs, just the same.” Shivers escaped down my spine and my body ignited, remembering his touch from earlier.

“We smell the same way, see the same, and feel every sensation the same.” A large solid hand settled right between my closed thighs, pressing against my sex. Dante knew what he was doing—the naughty gleam in his eyes confirmed my suspicion.

“There’s a but,” I said, trying to calm my nerves when I realized just how close his face was to mine.

He removed a large hand from between my thighs and his fangs lengthened, his ocean blues darkened. “This makes us different,” he said in a whisper. “These two little fangs create the barrier which you question.”

Dante studied me, which evoked fear blazing through my veins. His eyes seemed inhuman, from a creature without compassion. Pure one hundred percent predator.

His fangs disappeared, and the darkness in his eyes faded back to its original blue. He leaned back into his seat and gazed up at the roof of his car. “We’re different in many ways that are not so obvious. Our speed, the fact that I can hear your thoughts and feel your fears and happiness, is a distinction. Our eyes, they attract and mesmerize. Our outer bodies are designed in a way so clever that they are compared to the beauties of the Greek gods.” Shifting his focus, he stared out front. “Even down to our smell, lures humans in. Our whole physical existence is intended in such a way that it entices humans.” Every single word settling on my mind.

“It’s not just the looks which draw you in, it’s the eyes. They hypnotize. It’s the confidence, it’s the pheromones; it’s me, them, transitioning into a predatory state that you humans find so attractive, and you don’t even realize that death is at your doorstep. Take away everything that makes us different, and you just got Dante. Plain, old simple me.”

Observing everything, I whispered. “Nothing about you will ever be simple.”

That quote was taken from my novel Feral Doll. In this scene, Dante(Vampyre) the love interest to my heroine Justice Labelle, is explaining how human’s and vampyre’s are different. Explain the exterior and interior differences.

Something else that fascinates me about vampyre’s is that they’re immortal. Never aging. Which is pretty cool and I think the idea of everlasting life, has a kind of lure that you, yourself may think about. To live longer and do more. I don’t mean like you think about immortal life, like in a serious way. You may think about it, like to entertain yourself with ‘what if’s’ etc. We all fantasize on some level or another.

Vampyre’s are basically invincible, and it would be horrible to have them as your enemy. Nevertheless, like Superman, they need a weakness. Superman is utterly impossible to defeat unless you have Kryptonite. (Superman is awesome by the way).  My vamps, don’t combust into dust or smoke, or just disintegrate without a trace when they come in contact with the sun. Nor a bloody nasty splash of blood and organs (Thanks, True Blood!) That show was awesome by the way!!! And no, my vamps do not sparkle.

However, I really did love the Twilight books, I devoured them and at the time, I could not get enough. You see, I have a genuine appreciation for all types of vampryre’s.

As I digress, my vampyre’s do have a weakness and it’s a type of black stone. Its called Taiyou, which means ‘Sun’. Cerberus agents have collected them and turned them into weapons against the vampyres. It leaves a black glitter like residue behind and when it comes into contact with a vampyres flesh it seeps into their skin, into their bloodstream and poisons them. It creates a painful experience when it travels in the bloodstream and it feels like it’s burning the inside of their body.

Despite everything, I like my vampyre’s on the darker side of life.

To summarize why I love vampyre’s, because they are everything awesome in the paranormal world. Vampyre’s are humanity’s wildest dreams, with their confidence, strength and the fact that they seem to laugh in the face of danger. They can be brutally selfish, sensitive and passionate. Vampyre’s live forever and therefore seem to have grown accustomed to being by themselves. They always seem to be fine with their loneliness and of course, there are exceptions. When was the last time you’ve gone to movies by yourself, or to dinner by yourself? I know for me, I love hanging out at home by myself. I’m kind of an anti-social, but then again I also don’t mind going out and enjoying myself with my one friend, lol. Not everyone can just chill by themselves. Some people need to have others around them. Constantly need that noise.

Anywho, I think I’ve rambled on way too long. I hope throughout all my ramblings, you got why I like writing about Vampyres. It may not have been a good enough reason to write this article, or as clear as I hoped, but I had fun putting my scrambled thoughts on this posts.

Feel free to comment and let me know why you love the blood-suckers. Or if you don’t, that’s okay.


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Hooker Heels by Ryan Ringbloom

Wow, is all I’m left thinking after finishing this book.

Hooker Heels starts of with Kenna Winston who is a hooker and Mr. Knight hires her to keep his son Zackary distracted from a business adventure. The contract Kenna signs gives her $10,000 in her bank account monthly, plus nice furniture from the father and at the end of 6 months she gets an apartment far away from Zackary, all paid for, for one year. I mean, sounds like a sweet deal.

Zackary Knight wants nothing at all to do with his father, or what comes with all the money in the world. His life goal is to become the complete opposite of his entitled, arrogant father.

This read felt different than the books I’ve been reading recently, and it was refreshing. Zackary was seriously a good guy. I liked how he wasn’t in such a rush to bed Kenna. He wanted to take the time and get to know her, figure her out. Although he admitted later that it was a test but still, he didn’t want the fake ladies who would throw themselves at him daily. Zackary was a good guy, he had the looks, personality, money and charm. He wasn’t a superficial guy and wanted nothing at all to do with the life his father has handed him on a golden platter.

I enjoyed reading their time spent together. I loved seeing them falling in love, it was nice to watch it all unfold before my eyes. But in the back of my head, as I clicked to turn the pages I was fearful for Kenna, wondering when would the secret come out. How will it come out?

I was relieved with what happened to the father. He was a disgusting man but still at 50% through the book, a lot could happen.

Kenna had many problems and it all boils down to her mothers boyfriend and her mothers thought on life. It’s a destructive personality to think that you should rely on a rich guy for anything. More or less, relying on anyone is not healthy. You should be able to rely on yourself. I felt bad whenever Kenna compared herself to her mother, I wanted to yell at her and tell her that she’s better than that.
And when it happened, and it all came out. Omg, I died. I didn’t want the secret to come out. I wanted Kenna to be in the clear. But as everything unfolded Kenna needed that time for herself. She needed to learn to rely on herself without any help.

I will admit I was worried about the ending, wondering if either of them could look past what has happened but even though it was hard and difficult for either sides, love pulled them through.

There was two POV’s but in the beginning Zackary‘s POV were short and sweet little insights into his mind. And although they were short, they still felt powerful and impacted my feelings toward him and of course the story. As the story progressed the main POV switched to Zackary and Kenna’s being short and sweet.

I don’t why but with the changing of POV’s I found it cute. I mean I have read stories with changing POV’s before but when Ryan did it in Hook Heels, especially at the end of the story I thought it was uber cute.
Love is awesome!

A very good HEA!

  • I received this book in an exchange for an honest review
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Predator by Michelle Horst

This book hands down, has made my top favorite books of 2016 and we’re just a little over the halfway point.

Predator is dark and complex, and if you like your books farting fluffy, rainbows and butterfly unicorns, then this book ain’t for you. My goodness gracious, I devoured this book within two days. Predator, my oh my, where do I even begin?

Predator began fast, and hard. Straight from the beginning, you’re tethered right into the story, needing answers, but you don’t get many answers. Or none at all, until maybe the ending of the book, but still, Predator had so much going on, you wouldn’t even miss those answers. For me, by the time the ending was all pulling together, I was like, ‘Oh, right! Who wants to kill you Cara?‘

As I digress, I will admit, I didn’t have any hopes for this book, I assumed the worst and it turned out to be the complete opposite. Any who, Cara is 18 years old, fresh out of high school and is as innocent as they come. She’s hanging out with her parents before she takes that first step into adult life and goes away to university. But, something goes terribly wrong and before she knows it, her parents are dead and she’s waking up in hospital.

Uncle Tom, her only remaining family member, visits Cara and tells her to run, and never look back. He gives her money, new ID’s and leaves her alone to survive. Cara, manages to do exactly what she was told. She doesn’t stay too long anywhere, she doesn’t make friends, or have any boyfriends. She keeps to herself and does the best she can with the cards that was dealt. And all the while, not knowing why she’s running, and from whom?

This story took a very nasty turn from here on out. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. And it was very different than what I thought. I loved it. This is what I love about really good books, I love seeing the characters grow and change. Especially for me, it’s one the best parts to look back on their journey and you sit there like ‘Damn’ you literally went through hell and back. And I mean that literally, Cara went through the fiery pits of hell and back out scorched and pained but she managed to pull through.

There were sometimes, I was doubting her sanity, but Cara is a fighter, and Predator aka Damien, he is a beast. A predator on a mission.

I was curious about him from the start. The Author spoon fed us information, but still there was information missing that all came together in the end. And there is so much that I want to say, but won’t because I’m trying hard not to give away spoilers. But I loved this book. Buy it!

About Author
International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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