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In fact, if you don’t even have to love my book to leave a review. Don’t feel bad if you find the book, just okay. Everyone is different and some of my favorite authors it’s a hit and miss. I get it, I’m a reader.

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✯ #CoverReveal #PreOrder ✯ Once Upon A Temptation

Authors: Ariel Marie, ML Preston, Theresa Hodge, Lanie Olson, SD Savore, JS Bright, Mercer Norris, Erin St. Charles, Nikki Clarke, Selene Drake, Sedona Venez, R. O’Leary, Harper Ash, and Mikayla Symonett
Cover Designer: Design by Definition Covers
Release Date: August 11, 2020
Genre: Twisted Fairy Tales Collection
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51868182-once-upon-a-temptation


Once Upon a Temptation is a collection of twisted fairy tales that will blow your mind. Forget the version of these tales you knew before, and dive into the dark, mysterious worlds these authors have crafted.
With shapeshifters to witches, to princesses and mermaids, this compilation will have something for everyone ranging from sweet to steamy, to dark and thrilling.

These enchanting tales will quench your need for fantasies of your favorite kind.

These stories are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Please don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

PreOrder (Kindle Unlimited):

Universal Link: https://geni.us/OUAT
Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0859DFN22/
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0859DFN22
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0859DFN22/
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0859DFN22/

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Shelique Lize, is now writing as Mikayla Symonett!

USA Today best-selling author Shelique Lize is now writing her books as Mikayla Symonett. Why the change? Over the last few years, I’ve been going through rough situations with my husband and it simply never got better. It only worsened to the point, I kind of stopped focusing on writing and withdrew from everyone and everything.

Now, we’ve split for the better and I feel like I can actually breathe. I needed a fresh start, especially since my author name: Shelique Lize, was his last name and I wanted to amend that. I have a new author name and exciting things planned for my new path heading into 2020.

I switched over my social media accounts to match my new author name, and my cover designer was so wonderful to go ahead and switch over all my covers as well. Now, my goal for 2020 is to reinstate my USA Today Bestselling title to Mikayla Symonett.

I can’t wait to see what will unfold and hopefully, you’ll follow me on my journey.

If you haven’t already, follow me below:

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Thank you for reading, take care!

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Why I love Vampires


No, seriously though, Why I Love vampires? Why the paranormal? Why did I choose to write about vampires vampyres over all other creatures that go bump in the night?

Vampyres, My, Oh My!

There are so many books and movies, covering all kinds of mythologies surrounding these immortal creatures. I love them. I absolutely adored them from the moment I first watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my mom. Most importantly I love all the different ideas surrounding them. I love how you can brand this species in any way an author see’s fit. It all excites and interests me, and I don’t bash any particular idea, to what one person may feel a vampyre should be like. Every author, every book has it’s own ideas to the fictional characters. I can’t hate and nor will I ever.

I love how almost every vampyre movie or book I’ve read, vampyre’s seem to radiate confidence. I mean come on, who wouldn’t envy someone with that unyielding level of awesome. It’s almost blinding, and on a human level, wouldn’t you admire someone who is sure of themselves in every way? Sure, if it was in your face ‘Im better than you‘, that most vampyre’s in Hollywood tend to have, then maybe not. But nope, that is not what I’m talking. For example, Elijah from the TV show, The Originals. Yes, another vampire show. Elijah dresses sharp, speaks well, knows what he wants and goes after it. His entire persona is unapologetic and he doesn’t come across as inexperienced. He speaks his mind whether you want to hear it or not. I love him to pieces.

Their teeth, they fascinate me. The idea behind a ‘person’ that looks drop dead gorgeous but can ultimately reveal they’re true nature and ravage you in the next second, and I’m not talking sexually- Is very interesting, to at least me. Think of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, those vampires looked normal. Then in the next second, the fangs pop out and they look like demons. I was reading an article that the producer of the show said that he didn’t want Buffy going around and killing vampires that looked like humans. He was afraid that at the time, it would have been sending the wrong message. He wanted to show a difference, hence why the faces are so screwed up.

Vampire diaries, their eyes go all black and veins all down their cheeks etc. True Blood vampires, just have their fangs closer than the norm. I always found that really odd. Anne’s rice vampires I don’t believe change that much. ( I can be wrong and don’t remember.) Felicity Heaton’s vampire’s, I can’t recall any major difference. Anywho, back to my main point, I think the fact that they can look handsome/sexy and then the next second, the fangs pop out and then fear strikes within the human, that’s like the ultimate wicked predator. Not only is the action itself bad (A vampyre sinking their sharp fangs into your flesh) give or take the situation, forced or consent provided but you can see the physical changes. To see not only the person you admired but be forced to see the monster they truly are. On a sadistic note, I guess it is no different in real life when you meet someone, and they seem normal, but then before you know it, your judgment was off and you’re now on TV on a missing person report. God forbid. That’s a whole other conversation with the resemblance on vampyre’s, and humanities dark side.

“Because it’s the one reason, the most important, for how they’ve survived this long. It’s their biggest weapon to fool mankind into believing that their existence is only fictional. It’s nature’s jaguar fading into the foliage, a Peringuey’s viper sliding through sand, and a vampyre who can retract his or her fangs can be seen as normal― as a human.”

That quote was taken from my novel Vampyre Doll. In this scene, I have Jessica Vacel(A vampyre hunter), explaining to my heroine about vampyres. My vampyre’s, their fangs are retractable, and eyes go black. If they are hungry or angered, one may notice the swirls of black misting into their colored pupils. It’s a distinct change, especially since my vampyre’s have very bright colored eyes. If it’s green, its a vibrant green. If it’s blue, it’s vibrant eerie ‘blue’ and it most definitely stands out.

“Woman, you and I may look like we have the same facial and physical features, but our core is different.” Shifting in his seat, Dante reached across the car. “Supple lips are the same to savor,” His fingers grazed my cheeks and the pad of his thumb caressed my bottom lip, hooded eyes admiring. “Your eyes, neck, and shoulders are the same. Arms, body, and legs, just the same.” Shivers escaped down my spine and my body ignited, remembering his touch from earlier.

“We smell the same way, see the same, and feel every sensation the same.” A large solid hand settled right between my closed thighs, pressing against my sex. Dante knew what he was doing—the naughty gleam in his eyes confirmed my suspicion.

“There’s a but,” I said, trying to calm my nerves when I realized just how close his face was to mine.

He removed a large hand from between my thighs and his fangs lengthened, his ocean blues darkened. “This makes us different,” he said in a whisper. “These two little fangs create the barrier which you question.”

Dante studied me, which evoked fear blazing through my veins. His eyes seemed inhuman, from a creature without compassion. Pure one hundred percent predator.

His fangs disappeared, and the darkness in his eyes faded back to its original blue. He leaned back into his seat and gazed up at the roof of his car. “We’re different in many ways that are not so obvious. Our speed, the fact that I can hear your thoughts and feel your fears and happiness, is a distinction. Our eyes, they attract and mesmerize. Our outer bodies are designed in a way so clever that they are compared to the beauties of the Greek gods.” Shifting his focus, he stared out front. “Even down to our smell, lures humans in. Our whole physical existence is intended in such a way that it entices humans.” Every single word settling on my mind.

“It’s not just the looks which draw you in, it’s the eyes. They hypnotize. It’s the confidence, it’s the pheromones; it’s me, them, transitioning into a predatory state that you humans find so attractive, and you don’t even realize that death is at your doorstep. Take away everything that makes us different, and you just got Dante. Plain, old simple me.”

Observing everything, I whispered. “Nothing about you will ever be simple.”

That quote was taken from my novel Feral Doll. In this scene, Dante(Vampyre) the love interest to my heroine Justice Labelle, is explaining how human’s and vampyre’s are different. Explain the exterior and interior differences.

Something else that fascinates me about vampyre’s is that they’re immortal. Never aging. Which is pretty cool and I think the idea of everlasting life, has a kind of lure that you, yourself may think about. To live longer and do more. I don’t mean like you think about immortal life, like in a serious way. You may think about it, like to entertain yourself with ‘what if’s’ etc. We all fantasize on some level or another.

Vampyre’s are basically invincible, and it would be horrible to have them as your enemy. Nevertheless, like Superman, they need a weakness. Superman is utterly impossible to defeat unless you have Kryptonite. (Superman is awesome by the way).  My vamps, don’t combust into dust or smoke, or just disintegrate without a trace when they come in contact with the sun. Nor a bloody nasty splash of blood and organs (Thanks, True Blood!) That show was awesome by the way!!! And no, my vamps do not sparkle.

However, I really did love the Twilight books, I devoured them and at the time, I could not get enough. You see, I have a genuine appreciation for all types of vampryre’s.

As I digress, my vampyre’s do have a weakness and it’s a type of black stone. Its called Taiyou, which means ‘Sun’. Cerberus agents have collected them and turned them into weapons against the vampyres. It leaves a black glitter like residue behind and when it comes into contact with a vampyres flesh it seeps into their skin, into their bloodstream and poisons them. It creates a painful experience when it travels in the bloodstream and it feels like it’s burning the inside of their body.

Despite everything, I like my vampyre’s on the darker side of life.

To summarize why I love vampyre’s, because they are everything awesome in the paranormal world. Vampyre’s are humanity’s wildest dreams, with their confidence, strength and the fact that they seem to laugh in the face of danger. They can be brutally selfish, sensitive and passionate. Vampyre’s live forever and therefore seem to have grown accustomed to being by themselves. They always seem to be fine with their loneliness and of course, there are exceptions. When was the last time you’ve gone to movies by yourself, or to dinner by yourself? I know for me, I love hanging out at home by myself. I’m kind of an anti-social, but then again I also don’t mind going out and enjoying myself with my one friend, lol. Not everyone can just chill by themselves. Some people need to have others around them. Constantly need that noise.

Anywho, I think I’ve rambled on way too long. I hope throughout all my ramblings, you got why I like writing about Vampyres. It may not have been a good enough reason to write this article, or as clear as I hoped, but I had fun putting my scrambled thoughts on this posts.

Feel free to comment and let me know why you love the blood-suckers. Or if you don’t, that’s okay.


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Latest Release: Feral Doll

“This is exciting book two in Vampyre Doll series. It is just as thrilling but even more entertaining. It is full of action and romance. I think every paranormal lover will like this series. ”

-Amazon Review

Justice Labelle learns that the government has more secrets than kids have candy, and they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt.

In this war of monster vs men, Justice is fed up and wants nothing more but to focus on her studies but that isn’t going to happen.

After her run in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed; black and bloody blue, Justice decides to take control of the twisted hand that was dealt. It surely doesn’t help that Calvin is hell-bent on protecting Justice, even if that means working with Dante. Both men will do anything to keep her out of harm’s way, but protection is the last thing that Justice Labelle wants. The government experiment still needs to be dealt with, her escalating feelings toward Dante are persistent, refusing to be ignored and more secrets about her past are slowly coming to light.

Order This Book Today:

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