Skye Warren is my go-to author and this book was amazing. Her words are flawless, beautiful and poetic. For me, I thought it was just a tad bit slow but then again I’m an impatient reader. I want sh*t to explode right away. Overture is a slow burn novel and two-point of views.

Liam’s a military man, and he took in the young Samantha after her father was murdered. He had no connections to the child but he’s now her legal guardian. And over the years, Samantha has grown into a woman who he’d love to drag into his cave and F*ck.

With her eighteenth birthday on the horizon and a World Tour to help establish Samantha in the musical world, Liam tries hard to deny his evident lust. It sure doesn’t help that Samantha is hell-bent on making Liam see her for the woman that she is.

On to Concerto!