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Have I Gone Mad?

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Series: Children Of Wonderland
Word Count: 20K

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Mutant mushrooms appeared out of nowhere, and they want Mariah. She’s the guardian of Elysium, and the only one that is able to stop the Red Queen.

The world is ending, the chaotic blood moon has returned and Mariah is hearing a ticking sound. Its peculiar and odd, that it began after she stopped taking her pills and potions. But in a world that condemns her mentally, she thinks she’s mad.

Strange creatures attack both her and her brother, and Mariah would love to pretend its all in her head. She’s well acquainted with the voices, but when Mariah’s brother gets hurt in the crossfire, she knows they are real. She’s not possessed.

Her reality is shifting and she’s not crazy. But when a man appeared out of nowhere, and claims that she’s the guardian of Elysium, it’s a fever she can’t deny. Mariah takes a breath and dive in deep to uncover the truth of who she is.

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