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A Mermaid’s Deceit

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Series: Secrets Of The Sea
Word Count: 67K

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Asherah is a Cacaelia, a species of magickal sea creatures that are on the brink of extinction because of the mermolk. They are hunted and slaughtered, and finally having enough of the constant pain and fear, Asherah and her best friend, Ursula devise a wicked plan. Its a magickal brew to turn Asherah into the very species that hunt and butcher their race.

On the day of Prince Trion’s coronated, Asherah infiltrates Mersus Regnum, the magnificent kingdom that rules all the ocean. The plan, lure the new king into her embrace and then take back the Triton but things don’t go according to plan. The new King has secrets and a mystery about him that intrigues the mermaid in disguise. And the time she spends with the king to gain his trust, she realizes that her people aren’t innocent. Both parties are responsible for the ruthless war between the Cacaelia and merfolk.

It’s a race against time, because both parties are set in their ways and feel that they have been wronged. Both sides are fighting, both sides are hurting each other beyond repair and its only a matter of time before someone does something irreversible to dismantle the very kingdom they are fighting to govern.

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