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Series: Secret’s of The Sea
Word Count: 67K

Praises For A Mermaid’s Promise

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During a Full Moon, there’s only one rule, don’t trade your tail for legs.

I disregarded the decree and fell inlove with a whole new world. I was naïve and put my trust in a human, a young boy my age. I thought he was my friend but he betrayed me and his pirate father kidnapped me.

Held captive on land, for far too many days and nights, I feel myself withering away. All kinds of dangers lurk above the sea, and everyone wants a piece of me. The stakes are high, and I hear rumors that a witch will pay a handsome price for my mermaid magic.

The more time I spend with the humans; I realize that I’m not the only one being abused and held against their will. Malcolm has scars and fresh bruises, and I don’t want anything to do with him but he’s the only one who shows me kindness. To trust him again, I would be foolish but I can’t help but feel sorry for the human.

A mermaid and a pirates son don’t belong, but over time we find common ground against the cruel pirate. One way or another, with or without Malcom, I will escape. Or I’ll die trying.

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