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This section provides definitions to the terms used in my Secrets Of The Sea, so you can gain a better insight into my universe. If there is not a term here, that you are unsure about please send me a message.

*All terms are alphabetical order.

Davy Jones’ Locker – the bottom of the sea, especially regarded as the grave of those drowned at sea.

Merrow – Merrow are hideous and are the reason that there are so many “mermaid” fairytales and stories. Only male merrow are born and they are vicious and ruthless warriors. They protect the waters at all costs. They fight to protect Mersus Regnum and their underwater lands. They have smaller districts within their region. Merfolk don’t view them as the same, they view them as less. Its been a long tradition that the royalty of Mersus Regnum provides mermaids for the merrow men to mate with in return they help protect the ocean.

Cecaelia – Cacaelia is an octopus person. Combining the head, arms and torso of a woman or man from the lower torso down, the tentacles of an octopus or squid. They are said to be the natives to the ocean, before mermaids and other aquatic creatures. They are usually dark colored skinned tones; purples and blue’s.  They were well versed in magic, protecting the ocean and believing that nature gave them everything they need. However, over the years they have been hunted and slaughtered and are on the brink of extinction.

Mermaids – Mermaids can be either be women or men, half human, half fish. They reside in Mersus Regnum, the golden city filled with all kinds of riches. They have a single ruler whom is either born into the role or appointed. Mermaids can go a shore on a full moon since it gives them legs but only for the night. The moon makes them playful and its good for mating. Different phases on the moon affects them differently. Mermaids can’t receive human legs without the moon, magick or in certain area’s on Mersus Regnum.

There are different kinds of meremaids:

  1. Mermaids: regular merefolk.
  2. Ninygo: when they make a deal with a sea witch and don’t complete their end. The sea witch takes their soul and they have no choice but to do the biddings. They turn into a shallow versions of themselves, disformed and dangerous/unjust. They are loyal to the sea witch who stole their soul.
  3. Sirens: selected few of mermaids who has a beautiful voice to lure men to their death or entrance them for entertainment.

Selkies – They can be both female or male. Dark hair and eyes, and white or silver tails. They might be seen as adorable creatures of the sea, but they are fierce and loyal to the King of Mersus Regnum. Selkies can receive legs by simply shedding their tails and then burning it. Once they jump back into the ocean, their tail will reform. If they do not burn their tale and someone else captures it they will be forced to do their bidding. Most Selkie’s run missions on land to help in anyway that they can . They’ve learned technology and human ways.  They’re the link to the human world that the merfolk need.

Downside to selkie’s burning their tails, the more they do it the longer it takes for the tail to reform. They can keep their tales and not burn it but they have to make sure to keep it safe from enemies. Once a tail no long returns, the selkie looses its powers as a merfolk and is forced to live on land.

Manō – Half human body, lower half shark. Similar to the merrow folk, they are ruthless and but don’t like to be controlled. They follow their own rules and don’t care for any other creature. They enforce their control over their own lands. The terrorize other sea creatures and are cannibals to mermaids and selkies. They don’t really have a ruler, because they are divided and can’t decide on one ruler or many. Most are tyrants, reveling in the fear they sow among their fellow merfolk and humans. When they do fight, the fearsome battle for dominance usually leaves each either scarred or dead. Because of their intimidating behaviour, they are often idolised by chieftains living near the sea as coastal protectors.

A kiss from a Mermaid – Helps humans to temporarily breathe under water

Black Peals – To make magic spell more potent/ or dark magic

Cowry shells – Used to hold single spells or curses and can be used at later times.

Golden Pearls– The most powerful pearls known but they are rare.

Scales from Mermaid Tails – When grounded and digested it can provide humans with the ability to breathe for long periods of time under water.

Seashell – Used to hold magic, to use for later use. Hone. Harness. Focus.

Selkie Tail– Not magic, but if someone possess it they can make the Selkie do their bidding.


White Pearls -Healing and Protecting spells

Dwarka Valley– 1 of the 5 regions in the ocean that the Merrow folk reside in. They have the region divided into 7 distrcits and they don’t always see eye to eye. They all have their own rules and regulations. Their region like many parts of the ocean also includes their own cave systems and secluded islands.

Faroe – 2 of the 5 regions in the ocean. Once it was its own region of Selkie’s but they have agreed to join forces with Mersus Regnum and pledge their alligance to the King of that land. Selkie’s still reside there but they are now an extention of the golden city.

Mersus Regnum– 3 of the 5 regions in the ocean. A magnificent rich, golden city protected under a dome and merfolk can use their feet when i the city. This is the only place where they can use their feet, because of the magickal properties. The Merfolk who reside in the kingdom are ruled by Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

NetherDulse – 4of the 5 regions in the ocean. In this area resides mermaids who don’t agree with changing there tails into human legs and the full moon is only for mating purposes. They stay to themselves because they believe that Kasios was wrong and the Cecaelia suffered because of his blinded fear.

Tsimshian Trench– 5 of the 5 regions in the ocean. Here in the darkest, deepest parts of the ocean live dangerous sea creatures as well as the Cecaelia. There are hydrothermal escapes in the trench that keep emitting water and minerals and are known as the “black smokers”. This keeps the water warm. Underwater volcanoes.