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Asyut- Lycan village in France 1818.

Brecilien– A forest in France, where the Asyut village was located. Otherwise known as: Brocéliande.

Bloodletting– A feeding process of a vampyre.

Bloodling(s)– Vampyre Child/Children.

Blood Bond- When a pair of vampyres or a human and vampyre exchange blood for a long period of time, a blood bond can form. A Blood Bond can also be one-sided. In most cases, it’s because one or both of the parties aren’t willing to embrace the bonding experience or are emotionally closed off. Mentally guarded. If a bond is successful, a Blood Bond can be used to gain better access to another’s mind. A vampyre or human can feel if the individual is alive or sensations they may be going through. Human or vampyre can feel if they are near their proximity, but it can also be used to control their mind.

Bind– Mind controlling a human.

Cerberus– A Secret government organization, that fight against the Vampyres and the Dark Societies.

Cerberus Oath– Is an oath that those coming into Cerberus, have to say before they become full-fledged agents. I, (Agent’s name), do swear that I will protect mankind from any creature that threatens human lives at all cost, bear true allegiance to the government, and before harming a human, I must weigh all options.

Common– A Vampyre who was turned.

Councils– New York, France, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and the Supreme Council, London. Those seven councils control the world of Vampyres. With the Supreme Council being the head of the six, any major decisions need to go through them.

Dark Society– An elite group of different kind of supernatural beings that walk the earth.

Dhampyre – Half human, half Vampyre

Doll– A Human who has been consuming a Vampyre’s blood for a long period of time. If the Vampyre is experienced, long term of in taking blood will result in the human craving that specific Vampyres blood. As time passes the craving will go down. However, the human will begin to lose their appetite for food. They will become slightly stronger than the average human. Their strength will increase, they will become smarter, keen to details and their bodies will simply begin to slow down the aging process due to the continued use of consuming Vampyre blood. When a ‘Doll’ is established, the human and Vampyre becomes emotional open to one another. They can sense each other’s presence and talk to each other from miles and miles away. The Vampyre can control the human easily. Make them do whatever they want.

If the Vampyre has less experience, the human will become dangerously obsessed with that particular Vampyre. Old Vampyres can complete a ‘Doll’ without a human becoming obsessed and the reason, they have more potent blood. Most of the time if they want to create a ‘Doll’, they end up with loyal companions who will attack on command and lay their life on the line.

Dominus – A Vampyre who owns a Blood Nurse. Whether they purchase them for one feeding or they live with the vampyre.

Elite– A Vampyre within the council.

Guardian Angels– One of the world’s biggest unauthorized Vampyre hunter organizations. Their organization is filled with volunteer persons that want to get revenge on the Vampyre(s), that killed their loved ones and or they enjoy killing Vampyres.

K’oruu– Helps Vampyres to roam the earth during the day. A mineral like any other, Magnesium, Aluminum and Potassium; when it comes into contact with the Vampyre flesh, it seeps into their skin and in their blood stream, lessening the severity of the sun.

Old Ones– Vampyre’s older than a millennium

Malacca Shaft– A walking stick, or something to own in the 17th and 18th century to show your high society status.

MeroSanguis– Pure Blood families have come together to create a alumni like community.

Noblesse– Is also known as an Elite Vampyre.

Pure Blood– Vampyre’s who are pure with no other species mixed into their lineage.

Sacris– LATIN: Sacred. Phrases that vampyres use release someone from a Blood Bond.

Sanguine–  Once a Vampyre releases a human from their bond,  the human will now rely on vampyre blood. If a human has bonded for not long, they will resume as usual with no serious repurcassions and not lust for vampyre blood. However, if a human has been bonded for months, years even, once the vampyre releases them, they will desire vampyre blood, because that is what theire bodies have been digesting.  Once released, the human’s body will resume its original aging process for being stalled after beig bonded for so long. The process will contine, but it will not go fast nor slow. It will resume aging like nothing happened. The human will crave vampyre blood, although they will not grow fangs, they will have to cut the flesh to drink the blood.

Sortem–  LATIN: Fatality. A ceremony that takes place to put down(Kill) uncontrollable Old Ones.

Supreme Council– The most powerful council among the seven councils and it’s located in London.

Taiyou – (Kryptonite for the Vampyres) Pronounced Tie-yo. Crystals found in the oceans of Japan and it means ‘Sun’. Cerberus agents have collected them and turned them into weapons against the vampyres. It leaves a black glitter like residue behind and when it comes into contact with a vampyre’s flesh it seeps into their skin, into their blood stream and poisons them. It creates a painful experience when it travels in the blood stream. It feels like it’s burning the inside of the body. If a vampyre drinks human blood, that can help flush the poison out of the system. If a vampyre has no access to human blood, they can die within a few hours.

Urbs– Smaller Councils which reside in major cities.

Vampyre– A supernatural being that needs blood to survive

Vampyress– Female Vampyre