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Series: Vampyre Doll
Word Count: 67K

Praises For Vampyre Doll

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Justice Labelle has lost one too many friends, and is struggling to hold onto the meager shreds of her sanity.

In this war of monster vs men, the backlash is a chaotic mess and its taking all of her strength to follow through with Zachariah. She wants to put everything to rest but returning to France, the land is foreign and familiar. Justice is eager to learn about her history, and its not too long until they find allies. Witches willing to unlock her memories, but they can’t do it all at once. The process takes a lethal toll on Justice’s body but as time passes, archaic memories resurface, familiar places, faces and scenery.

Lies and secrets is the game, as Zachariah takes his time spoon feeding Justice and Dante information. Dante reconnects with old lycan friends and it’s evident they’re interested in Justice. Whispers of an ancient lycan that needs to be risen and they think her blood is the key to either stopping this from happening or awakening the beast.

Gone are the days of normalcy, as Justice and Dante are put to the test, forced to survive amidst new allies and foes arising, and casting new challenges. Those who they relied on and those who they thought were their enemies, are blurring the lines of what’s really at stake.

For the better or worse, Justice is pushed to the brink as her past life colides into her present. There is no turning back, only moving forward in this ancient lycan war.

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